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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Danny Fong, Artis Acapella Youtube dengan lagu pokemon!

Tanpa menggunakkan alat muzik dia berjaya buat lagu cover version pokemon. Cakap tak guna, tgk je la k.

With a total of 58 different audio tracks (lots doubled or tripled) and LOTS of editing, I finished it :). There is also 16 different video tracks that come in and out.
The recording and mostly editing took about a week’s worth of evenings to put together, so if you enjoy it, please forward this to your friends, it would mean a lot to me!
-The drum shots were transcribed and recorded shot for shot
A lot of different effects have been used on this recording. Pitch correction, yes pitch correction, was used on lots of the backup tracks – although none on the lead vocals. While I didn’t necessarily care to “correct wrong pitches”, I used to create a continuity and consistency of sound because I was imitating instruments. The guitar sounds have distortion and tape delays and everything has significant EQ’s as well… The drums are a prime example. Also some use of pitch shifting.. no I can’t sing that low lol.
No sheet music was used for this one (my first recording that was not transcribed to paper I think).
nak tengok video klip dia klik read more!


xazryx said...

wow .berbakat la dia nih .

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